Bachelors of Buisness/ Marketing/ HRM

The primary purpose of our bachelors degrees are  to develop the students as professionals either in the private sector or in public practice and as potential executives. Charisma University  offers three different bachelors Top-Up pathways for students based on their HND's or Level 5 that they have already completed.

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

  1. HND in Business/ Marketing / HRM
  2. Higher Diploma in Business/ Marketing / HRM at TRANMIND
  3. ABE Level 5 Business/ Marketing / HRM
  4. OTHM Level 5
  5. NIBM/NSBM/SLIIT Advance Diploma
  6. CIM/CIMA/ACCA partial completion at equivalent level
  7. Any other recognized Higher Diploma

BUS 310 Business Taxation
BUS 425 Leading Organizations
BUS 327 Transformational Leadership
BUS 471 Corporate Risk Management
BUS 450 Strategic Management
BUS 241 Human Resource Management
ECON 410 Economic Analysis of Social Issues
ECON 411 Negotiation and Conflict Management
MKT 403 Early Stage Capital
URES 499 Capstone Project for Undergraduate Studies

BA in Marketing
MKT 309 Patents, Copyrights, and the Law of Intellectual Property
MKT 306 Introduction to Pricing
ACCT 309 Accounting Information Systems
FIN 412 Capitalism and Its Critics
ECON 446 International Economics
BHIT 400 Business Statistics
MKT 409 Global Markets
MKT 403 Early Stage Capital
MKT 411 Negotiation and Conflict Management
URES 499 Capstone Project for undergraduate studies

HRM 304 Employee Benefits and Compensations
HRM 319 Collective Bargaining
HRM 402 Intercultural Management
HRM 415 Employee Engagement
HRM 429 Strategic Management in Human Resources
HRM 432 Safety in the Workplace
HRM 437 Team Leadership
HRM 455 Employee Training
BUS 450 Strategic Management
URES 499 Capstone Project for Undergraduate Studies

1 Year

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