Higher Diploma in Psychology

As an academic discipline, Psychology has bright prospects in the contemporary world which is characterized by competition and stress and the mad race for existence. Therefore the need for psychological help in various walks of life, from the qualified and professionally trained psychologists and counsellors, is increasing as never before. However, the shortage of psychologists and lack of awareness about the services offered by the field of psychology makes it imperative to adopt a dynamic and pragmatic instructional approach based on an advanced curriculum to attract and motivate students on a large scale to join for courses which purport to the management of psychological problems of different origin and nature.

The Syllabi for Higher Diploma in Psychology at Transmind have been prepared in such a manner as to encourage students with aptitude, interests, and skills to become an graduate in psychology and thus to speed up the availability of competent psychologists within the public reach. It tries to incorporate conventional, relevant and advanced areas by integrating and sequencing the courses, concepts and topics in a systematic fashion. Papers and contents within the papers are presented in such a way as to arouse and sustain the students’ interest and curiosity throughout the course and to optimize their inspiration to join for Bachelors final year and subsequently to a post-graduate studies. In the Higher Diploma syllabi, ample space has been created to include important branches like Cognitive, Social, Clinical, Educational psychology, Research Methods etc. Such courses could update the conceptual baseline of students and to open doors to the new approaches and techniques which enable them to develop a novel outlook for tackling psychological problems.

Psychology Top Up:

  1. Bachelors in Psychology awarded by Charisma University

Entry Requirement

G.C.E A/L English "Pass" Grade or

G.C.E O/L + Foundation Diploma in Higher Education/Diploma from Transmind

Semester 1 - 120 Credits
  1. Introduction to Psychology
  2. Biological Psychology
  3. Social Psychology
  4. Physiological Psychology
  5. Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  6. Human Development
  7. Elementary Statistics

Semester 2 - 120 Credits

  1. Psychological Statistics
  2. Organizational Behavior
  3. Educational Psychology
  4. Human Resource Development
  5. Counseling Psychology
  6. Internship


  1. Child Development Psychology
  2. Counseling and Psychology

Course Fee
Registration Fee: 25,000.00
Monthly Installments: 15,000.00 x 15Months
University Certificate: 30,000.00

Duration :
Weekday : 18 Months (+6 Months internship)
Weekend: 18 Months (+6 Months internship)

Validated By:
Alzette University

Higher Diploma is a validated by Alzette University as a Professional Award.

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