International Diploma in Entrepreneurial Small Business Operations

The International Diploma in Entrepreneurial & Small Business Operations awarded by ABE Endorsed UK is the only International Diploma in Sri Lanka that is designed to promote entrepreneurial thinking among the young generation while incorporating the modern trends in the Business Management field within the syllabus. This course offers students diverse topics including Business Management, Financial Accounting, , Human Resources Management, and Marketing.

Thus, upon completion of this course a student will receive 5 Certificate Supplements, one is an International Diploma certificate from the ABE-UK, and 4 Certificates from Transmind to certify that the student has covered Business, Accounting, Marketing and Human Resource areas in their Studies.

Open Entry

Course Structure
Introduction to Business & Entrepreneurship
Business Environment
Organizational Structure
Innovation in Entrepreneurship
Marketing Management
Managing People within the business
Financial Management
Business Plan

Duration : 4 Months

Registration Fee: 10,000.00
Installments: 10,000 * 2
Certificate Fee: 13,000.00

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