Master in Global Marketing and International Business Relations

The phenomenon of Globalization has had a significant effect on the international marketplace, as ever imposing technological advancements facilitate transnational relations between vastly diverse nations and markets. As a consequence, corporate strategy has been faced with the task of adapting accordingly. The Master in International Business Relations responds to this need for modernization in the international arena and to align one self to the requirements expressed by these new trends. The training program intends to develop skilled professionals capable of making the best use of the tools and methods needed to operate in an increasingly dynamic and global environment, such as the international markets.

Through the Master program, students will achieve a thorough understanding of economic, financial, strategic, marketing and communication scenarios that influence and regulate market trends and international affairs. Particular attention is devoted to the interdisciplinary approach, a key feature of International Business Relations. Elements of the economics and science of diplomacy are intertwined with law and sociology, as well as communication and geopolitics.

A student is granted a Master’s degree after successfully defending his or her final thesis in front of a panel of judges. Grading is based on a scale of 0-110; 66 is the passing grade and students who obtain full marks of 110 may also be awarded ‘summa cum laude’ (110 e lode).
The final thesis of the Master’s program, intended to assess the technical, scientific and professional preparation and competences of the student, requires the completion, discussion and presentation of a written project work during the dissertation.

The Master program is composed of 4 modules, and concludes with a final exam.

At the conclusion of the Master in Global Marketing and International Business Relations, graduates will be capable of operating in multinational companies and international organizations, both public and private. They will have developed the necessary skills and competences for effective intervention, and also a practical expertise to be applied to scenarios of real-world business, in relation to an international context. The possible careers that await the Global Marketing and International Business Relations specialist are as follows:

  • Export Manager
  • Operator in international organizations (governmental or non)
  • International Trade Technician
  • International Relations for private companies or institutions
  • Operator in the field of economic and financial communication
  • Various positions in multinational companies, government agencies or global institutions

  1. Module 1 – International business - MIBR_M1
  2. Module 2 – International marketing - MIBR_M2
  3. Module 3 – International law - MIBR_M3
  4. Module 4 – International relations - MIBR_M4
  5. Final Thesis

1 year

60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)

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