Masters in Business Administration

Covering key disciplines such as finance, management, economics, marketing, operations and strategy in-depth, students gain the skills and knowledge needed to manage across departments, markets and entire organizations. The Master's program is structured to reflect the needs of modern international business, developing a blend of academic excellence and professional skills, offering highly marketable competencies set to stand out in strategic level positions. Starting from the management, business and economics principles, participants will be involved on specialized core courses to improve in depth business knowledge, competencies and skills.

A student is granted a Master's degree after successfully defending his or her final thesis in front of a panel of judges.
The final thesis of the Master's program, intended to assess the technical, scientific and professional preparation and competences of the student, requires the completion, discussion and presentation of a written project work during the dissertation.

The Master in Business Administration is specifically designed for high achieving individuals who want to take the next major step along their career path, focusing on the development of a global career at strategic decision-making level to the forefront of business theory and management practice.


  1. Bachelors Degree/ Level 6 Diploma/ Any Equivalent Qualification
  2. O/L English "C" Pass

MBA 510 International Marketing
MBA 515 International Economics
MBA 538 Managerial Accounting
MBA 580 International Financial Management
MBA 667 Entrepreneurship
MBA 619 Operation Management
MGT 501 Business Ethics
MBA 600 Human Resource Management
MBA 605 Strategic Management
MBA 625 Statistical Decision Making
MBA 673 International Business Law
MBA 524 Organizational Behavior
GRES 690 Master’s Thesis

1 year

48 US Credits (192 UK Credits)

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